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Beautiful Remodels, Repairs and Installs

Narrow Path Contractors is a small group of craftsmen and general contractors who love creating beauty for our clients. We build and manage projects large and small and specialize in residential remodels and renovations as well as commercial builds and installs. We even have some members who specialize in home repair for residential and multifamily. Our service area is the Portland Metro area.

Services We Provide

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Remodels & Renovation

Narrow Path specializes in creating beautiful spaces that increase the happiness, usability and value of your home. We understand how important that is to you and treat every client and project as our top priority.

Small Projects & Home Repair

Small fixes, home repair, handyman... what ever you want to call it we have people who love these projects and serving home owners.

Fixing the Roof

Commercial Builds & Installs

Over 40 years of experience in building unique elements and installing wallpaper, signage, vinyl, cabinetry, laminate, etc. for some of the largest corporations in the world.

Pre Construction Services - Consulting

In order for a project to have the best outcome proper planning and communication between all parties that will be involved is important from the beginning. Often times costs only get determined once a set of drawings are taken out to bid but with us we can help establish costs after rough drawings are completed allowing the project to be designed with the owners intended budget in mind.


I had an extensive mold and rot issue in the corner of our home that needed to be completely torn out and rebuilt. Robert restored our home to brand new condition leaving us with something safe and beautiful.

-Brian D.  Home Owner 12/20/2020

When we contacted Narrow Path we had an extensive and overwhelming list of repairs that needed to be done on our 100+ year old Victorian.  They were not only able to repair everything to original but also custom made all the moldings and shingles that weren't being produced anymore.  I couldn't have been more impressed with their skills. 

Amy C.  Home Owner  5/26/2021

Our project was in the front of one of our tenants homes blocking the front door. Robert got our renovation done on budget and a week ahead of schedule. Great work. Thanks!

Matt H.  Investor   6/21/2021

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