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Pre Construction Services & Consulting

Often times the process in which owners start their planning for their build begins with and architect or designer. Dreams are discussed and plans start to be made. At the end of the design process the owner has a set of drawings or designs is ready to take them out to bid. 


These drawings often don't have input from a builder or third party who's familiar with the current construction environment, sub contractor availably and fluctuating product and manufacturing costs. In 2022 these are must haves when designing to to stay inside a budget and timeline. This is where we can help in the pre construction phase. Narrow Path Contractors provide a consulting role during that process to help with

  • cost estimating

  • value engineering

  • scheduling

  • construction phasing

  • constructibility reviews

  • weekly design review meetings with the Owner

  • input from key subcontractors as to building systems

  • means & methods of construction.


This helps eliminate any surprises when an owner takes their project out to bid as they'll have a clear idea of what to expect from a cost, process, timeline and construction perspective.

We help owners during the design phase of a remodel to make sure the end result is built in or under budget and on time.

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