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Home Repair - Handy Man Services

We have the specialized talent to handle almost all interior or exterior home projects


Maybe you had some plumbing or electrical work done, and now you have an ugly set of holes in your wall. Or maybe a past repair was never quite finished and finalized. We offer drywall repair and replacement services in Seattle and surrounding areas. From spot repairs to entire wall repair.

Installs and Assembly

From toilets and faucet fixtures to floating shelves and television wall mounts, we can install what you need exactly how you need it.

Rough and Finish Carpentry

To us this means door repair / replacements, window replacements, installing cabinets, bookcases, fireplace mantels and anything else in your home that involves wood and a saw.  Let us know of your specific project needs via our virtual quote form.

Flooring and Tile

Flooring and tile sound simple as a home owner but as people start to tackle their projects they realize how time consuming they are and are hard to do right. Let us do it and save you time and possible a back spasm or two.

Rot and Mold Repair

After a team has come in and remediated your issue in the worst cases there is often a lot of work in reconstructing the area you once had.  We have years of experience in this area and partner with some of the top remediators in Portland to help bring the usability and safety of the affected area back to new.

Base Boards and Crown Moldings

Whether you a want modern, antique, traditional or a new look, these finish carpentry projects are our specialty and our favorite. They require are very steady hand and high attention to detail and are usually best left to expert craftsmen.

Punch List Repairs

Small issues tend to add up and if your list is only a few items or 3 pages long just let us know and we can get it handled for you.

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